Happy 18th birthday you super, caring, hyper, loving, hilarious, positive bundle of joy! <3333

I speak for all of us that we love you heaps and that your time zone sucks, so you best get yourself to Vegas ASAP! I really don't know what else to post on a blog because I can't upload any pictures (dis computa be a bish), so I thought I'd write you a 4-shot REAlicious fanfic ;)

Rea: The Life of Eggpie

Chapter 1:

18 years ago to this day, a baby girl took her first bREAth. She may not know it then, but her mother (played by anyone, but let's just say Gaby) knew that this girl was a dREAm come true. It was that or she was still REAbsorbing from the morphine that she took to endure the pain when giving birth. After all, it was a natural birth rather than a cesaREAn that she opted for, so you REAlly can't blame her REAgardless (I probably won't go into any more detail into this).

She opened her eyes to a whole new world. At first she was fREAking out because everything was so spacious compared to being confined in a womb, but then she saw the beauty of a soft yellow cloud covered in a golden brown pastry sitting on a plate at the hospital table,which REAlly opened her eyes (figuratively) and you know what, she thought it was bREAthtaking. It shone through the glass window directly at this object, like it was pREAched from the gods. It was REAdy to be eaten. It had a fork right next to the plate. It was hers and nobody can take it away from her. It was beautiful, it was within was an eggpie. Just before this baby girl was about to extend her arm, demanding a slice, sleep had overcome her and she went off to dREAmland.

The moment she woke up from her nap, she was excited. She knew her mother was going to pick her and carry her around. All she needed to do was to REAch out her hand, and it was hers. After all, nobody could resist that adorable face. She had a plan and she was going for it. There was just one problem, the eggpie is gone. Somebody had alREAdy eaten it. It was heartbREAking for this baby girl. It was all she wanted, and now it's gone. She was determined though, even if it was beyond her wildest dREAms, that one day, she will REAunite with an eggpie. At that moment, her mother decided to name her Rea. Because she knew....that Ethan is going to write a story about this.

Chapter 2 coming soon...