Tim-Gaby Relationship
Shipped Characters: Tim and Gaby
Ship Names: Tiby
Dating Between: Season 1-9 of HIMYM
Status: Best friends

Skype dating

 The Tim-Gaby Relationship is the friendship between Tim and Gaby. They are commonly referred to as Tiby.

Why Ship them? Edit

1. They are awesome, duh.

2. Skype until 4 in the morning.

3. HIMYM Buddies (with Melanie but she needs to catch up).

4. Tim sang What Makes You Beautiful to Gaby.

5. Fangirl about Brittana, Heya, Achele and Fabrevans.

6. Are the only ones in BW that believe Fabrevans can still happen. 

7. Dislike Sam very much.

8. Gaby gives Tim Advil when he's sick.

9. Gaby has multiple nicknames for Tim (Timmo, TIMTIM, Timmy, Party Boy, Timmy Boy, Timothy, JB).

10. Have created almost all of the Amibrods songs.

Finntana 2.0Edit

Gaby is Santana and Tim is Finn.

Unlike Finntana Tim and Gaby have not used each other.

Gaby outed Tim by saying his relationship with Ethan is real.