Soph-Gaby Relationship
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Shipped Characters: Soph and Gaby
Ship Names: Sophriela
Dating Between: No one knows
Status: Best Friends

 The Soph-Gaby Relationship is the friendship between Soph and Gaby. They are commonly referred to as Sophriela.

Why Ship them? Edit

1. They are sweet like candy, cupcakes, and donuts.

2. Have One Direction Infection.

3. Soph gives Gaby cupcakes when she's sad.

4. Gaby listens to Soph talk about how much she loves Blaine. 

5. Soph listens to Gaby talk about how hot Santana is.

6. Gaby knows what time Soph goes to sleep. 

7. Say good night to each other everynight. 

8. Gaby and Soph are their nicknames. 

Brittany and MarleyEdit

Their friendship is like Brittany and Marley's friendship. 

Gaby is Marley and Soph is Brittany.