Santana Diabla Lopez
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Birthday: Between late February and mid-May, 1994
Height: 5'5"
Weight: unknown
Address: New York
Occupation(s): Bartender

Former student at William McKinley High School
Former Cheerio
Former New Directions member
Former The Troubletones member
Former student at University of Louisville

Aliases: Honey, The Most Awesomest Girl In This School (Brittany)

Sweet cheeks (Holly Holliday)
The Stick Figure (Mercedes)
Auntie Tana, Rachel Berry, Straight up bitch, Snixx, Auntie Snixx, Rosario Cruz (herself)
Satan (Mercedes, Kurt)
Boobs McGee, Jugs The Clown, Tweedle-Fake Boobs, Airbags, Sweater Meat, Lady Ta-Ta, Boobs Magoo (Sue)
Sandbags (Sue, Becky)
Weepy Hysterical Drunk (Finn)
Garbage Face (Her Grandmother)
Salsa Caliente (Roz)
Teen Lesbians (with Brittany) (Principal Figgins)
The Girl With The Lips (Rory)
Sha-Queer-A (Sebastian)
Mi'ja (short for mi hija meaning my daughter) (Mother)
Miss Lopez (Principal Figgins, Mike)
J.Lo (David Karofsky)

Family & Friends
Family: Maribel Lopez (Mother)

Dr. Lopez (Father)
Alma Lopez (Grandmother)

Friends: Brittany S. Pierce

Quinn Fabray
Mercedes Jones
Matt Rutherford
Sugar Motta
Finn Hudson
Noah Puckerman
Tina Cohen-Chang
Rachel Berry
Artie Abrams
Blaine Anderson
Kurt Hummel
Mike Chang
Sebastian Smythe
Becky Jackson
Lauren Zizes
Marley Rose
The Cardinals

Relationships: Brittany S. Pierce (ex-girlfriend, sexual, in love with)

Dave Karofsky (beard, prom date, ended)
Sam Evans (dated, beard, ended)
Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend, sexual, ended)
Finn Hudson (sexual, ended)
Wes Fahey (kissed once)
Matt Rutherford (implied ex-boyfriend)
Elaine (Fake Girlfriend)
Quinn Fabray (One-night stand)

Enemies: Vocal Adrenaline

Josh Coleman
Kitty Wilde
Rachel Berry (Season 1-2)
Rory Flanagan (Season 3)
Sam Evans (Season 4)
Brody Weston

Other Information
Interests: Being popular, a relationship with Brittany, Fame, Cheerios
Education: William McKinley High School

University of Louisville (formerly)

Talent: Singing, Dancing, Rapping, and Cheerleading
Weaknesses: Losing Prom Queen in high school, Losing Popularity
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayed By: Naya Rivera

Alexys Alonzo (Young Santana)

Santana Diabla Lopez is a main character on Glee. Santana is an alumni of William McKinley High School as of Goodbye, the twenty-second and final episode of Season Three. She served as the co-captain of the Cheerios and as a member of the school's glee club, the New Directions. She was previously a member of the all-girls second glee club, The Troubletones. In Season Four, she started as a student at The University Of Louisville where she has been given a scholarship in Cheerleading, but in Diva, the thirteenth episode of that season, it is revealed that she dropped out. In the same episode she also moves to New York and becomes roommates with Brody Weston, Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry.

Although Santana has a history of relationships with male characters, she is a lesbian and in the episode Pot O' Gold, she began a relationship with her best friend Brittany Pierce, with whom she had previously maintained a 'friends-with-benefits' arrangement. In Season Three, Santana deals with her coming out as a lesbian, and being in a relationship with Brittany. In the Season Four episode, The Break-Up, Santana and Brittany went on a break, due to them being far away from each other. Their break-up was made official in Diva, but they will always be best friends. In the episode I Do, she shared a one-night stand with Quinn Fabray. In Feud, she tries to find out Brody's secret but instead she gets kicked out of Rachels apartment because she acused Brody of cheating.

Santana Lopez is portrayed by Naya Rivera. Her middle name Diabla was confirmed by Ryan Murphy via Twitter.


Season OneEdit


Santana's first appearance on the series is in the Pilot episode, she appeared with Quinn, both dressed as Cheerios Uniform referring that they are both a member of the Cheerios by Coach Sue Sylvester. Santana is a mean, bitch, and insults people around along side with Quinn Fabray.


Santana Lopez and her fellow cheerleaders Quinn Fabray and Brittany S. Pierce (this episode was Brittany's first appearance) auditioned for the glee club with a tongue-in-cheek rendition of "I Say A Little Prayer." 


Santana is first seen in the episode with the rest of the New Directions in the choir room rehearsing. Then she is seen walking beside Rachel with Quinn trying to persuade Rachel to tell Will that his choreographing is terrible and that they need to hire someone else, but really they are trying to sabotage the Glee Club. While Mercedes is looking down because she doesn't have a boyfriend, Santana is seen making out with Puck and this reveales that the two are dating. She is then seen again in Sue's office along with Quinn telling Sue about their plan. After that Santana is seen confronting Puck over his bad credit score and says that she needs someone who can support her financially, breaking up with Puck in the process. This then leads to Puck being interested in older women because he thinks that "young girl's shoot you down and make you feel terrible." Santana along with Quinn and Brittany, encourages Mercedes to go out with Kurt in order to destroy the New Directions. The three spies then convince the Glee Club to hire professional choreographer Dakot Stanely. Santana goes to Carmel High School with the club to ask him to choreograph for New Directions.


She is seen at the glee rehearsals, sitting next to Brittany and Quinn. She is also seen cheering on the football team.

The Rhode Not TakenEdit

Santana sings background vocals in Last Name and Somebody To Love with the Glee Club members. She also looks shocked when Puck reveals Quinn's pregnancy.

Vitamin DEdit

Santana is given pseudo-ephedrine by Terri Shuester and sings background vocals in the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mash-up with the New Direction Girls and at the end of the episode they are found out by Mr. Schue that they were cheating by taking pseudo-ephedrine. She also laughs about Brittany saying Quinn is gone buying elastic-waist pants to Rachel.


Santana reports details on New Directions to Sue Sylvester, along with Quinn and Brittany. When Sue becomes co-director of the club, she picks Santana for her "elite glee club." In her group, she performs background vocals in Hate on Me. She then sings Ride wit Me, and Keep Holding On with the entire Glee Club. Mr. Schuester notes that she is Latina near the end of the episode.


Santana gets jealous when Puck sings Sweet Caroline to Rachel. She, along with the other Glee Club members, waits to see if the boys would choose Glee or the Football Team and is happy when she sees Matt and Mike entering the music room. She is seen hugging Matt and saying 'I Love You'. She performs background vocals in Bust a Move with all the other members. She then slushies Mr. Schuester at the end of the episode with the other  members because he said that he had never been slushied before when he went to school.


Santana is forced to spend three hours a day in a wheelchair, which she didn't enjoy. She disapproves of the idea of a bake sale, saying that they are kind of bougie, but after some convincing, she helps with the sale along with Finn, Puck, and Quinn, but ends up eating most of the drug-filled cupcakes. She is seen performing background vocals in Proud Mary with the rest of the Glee Club.


Santana picks Brittany as her ballad partner. She performs background vocals in Lean on Me. Santana and Brittany's duet is not shown in the episode.


Santana is seen watching the performance of Jane Addams Academy and learning "hairography" from Brittany. She confronts Quinn angrily, warning her to stay away from "her man," Puck. She also says that they were sexting while he and Quinn were babysitting and that nobody can erase her super hot sexts. She also says that asking someone to babysit is so 90s. She performs background vocals in Hair/Crazy in Love, Imagine, and True Colors with the Glee Club.


Santana is briefly seen with Brittany, drawing on Rachel's picture in a school yearbook. Santana also performs background vocals in Jump and Smile (Charlie Chaplin).

Sectionals (Episode)Edit

She is included in a five-party phone call in which Brittany reveals they have slept together. When she and Brittany are accused of giving Sue the set-list she defends herself, but Brittany admits she was the one to do it although her actions were unintentional. When Quinn reveals that Sue orders the Cheerios to spy on Glee Club, she admits that no one is forcing her to stay in the club - she likes Glee and it's "the best part of her day." However, she said if anyone in the club told anyone that she said that, she would deny it because she likes being popular and not being a Lima loser. She performs background vocals in You Can't Always Get What You Want and My Life Would Suck Without You, and is also seen listening in on the judges at sectionals' comments.


Sue assigns Santana and Brittany to go after Finn in order to humiliate Rachel and get her to quit Glee Club. They ask him on a date with both of them. He accepts, but their "date" proves to be horrible, as the two girls spend all the date abusing the waitress staff, bad mouthing their 'friends' (Finn included), and demanding that he pay for them, despite keeping him out of the conversation. However, they do offer to make out in front of him. She performs background vocals in Gives You Hell and Hello, Goodbye.

The Power of MadonnaEdit

After Sue asks the Cherrios to date younger men like Madonna, Brittany advises Santana to try to date Finn Hudson, and that the best way to have Finn is to take his virginity. Santana then gives Finn the chance to lose his virginity with her, which he accepts after learning that Rachel is still dating Jesse St. James. In a fantasy sequence, she, along with Finn, sings Like a Virgin, which later becomes reality as at the end, they have sex. She behaves blasé about the event, while Finn feels empty because it meant nothing. She is the one that says she knows Jesse is a spy. She is seen dancing with the Cheerios in Ray of Light and 4 Minutes and performs background vocals in Like a Prayer.

Home (Episode)Edit

Santana is seen during Kurt's performance of A House Is Not a Home she is seen with her head on Brittany's shoulder while their pinkies are linked. She is then seen giving her opinion to Mercedes on Sue's vomit-inducing drink, saying that she would rather drink it than being kicked off the Cheerios. She performs background vocals in Beautiful and Home (Stephanie Mills).

Bad ReputationEdit

Santana instantly blames Puck for starting the Glist because Quinn is first. However, she isn't personally bothered because she is second. She performs background vocals in Ice Ice Baby as well as in Run Joey Run.


Santana becomes extremely jealous when Puck starts singing with Mercedes in Glee Club. When they start dating, she confronts Mercedes by singing her first solo in the duet, The Boy Is Mine. Santana sings background vocals in One.

Dream On (Episode)Edit

Santana plays a minor role as she is seen during glee club meetings. She sings background vocals in Dream a Little Dream.


Santana sings main vocals with the girls' and Kurt's performance of Bad Romance. For the performance, Santana wears her rendition of a giant black bow hat and a black lacy body suit, similar to one worn by Lady Gaga. She is then seen watching the boys performance of Shout It out Loud and Beth (Song). Santana goes with the rest of New Directions to protect Kurt and Finn from Azimio Adams and David Karofsky and is seen laughing at the end of the episode because Mercedes says they looks weird.


Santana and the rest of the Cheerios fall into a depression when cheerleading coach Sue refuses to get out of bed. She is seen crying with her hair down and loose and watches Finn, Puck, and Mercedes singing Good Vibrations. She is also stunned when Jesse St. James transfers back to Vocal Adrenaline. Sue finally gets out of bed and they go on to win Nationals which restores the Cheerios to their normal selves. Sue takes her Nationals trophy to Will's house, with help from Santana and Brittany, to gloat about her victory. She performs backup vocals and the "Naya dance" in Give up the Funk. She joins New Directions in making Vocal Adrenaline jealous.


Santana discusses Sue's placement as a judge at Regionals with the rest of the club and admits that Sue told her and Brittany she is planning to "crush the club." At Regionals, she is told by Will Schuester to keep focused when she says "we know we can't win." She performs a solo in Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version) , along with Puck and background vocals in Any Way You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. She later accompanies Quinn to the hospital and hears the results of Regionals with the rest of Glee Club. Back at school, believing the club to be over, Santana admits that before Glee she "hated everyone in the club." She is seen crying and singing in To Sir, with Love, in which she has a solo. When the continuation of the club is announced, she is seen linking pinkies with Brittany and smiling during Over the Rainbow.

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two, Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, was upgraded to a series regular.


It is revealed that over the summer holiday, Santana got breast implants in order to get more attention and increase her popularity. This shows that Santana isn't as confident as she appears to be. This proves to be extremely effective as nearly all the guys that come across Santana become immediately hypnotized by her increased breast size. Santana seems pleased with the attention, except when those who are unattractive and unpopular are ogling her. Santana is demoted from Head Cheerio to the "bottom of the pyramid" after Quinn informs Coach Sylvester that Santana got a boob job. Sue then promotes Quinn back to head cheerleader, as she intends to use Quinn's past pregnancy as a sympathy factor to get money out of various church groups. Furious at her demotion from head cheerleader to the bottom of the pyramid, Santana angrily attacks Quinn and accuses her of being a slut because of her past pregnancy.


Santana defends Brittany when she says she doesn't want to do a Britney Spears' number. Later at the dentist's office, she accompanies Brittany and says her dad is a real doctor so she can pay for the anaesthesia. She somehow enters the same dream fantasy as Brittany performing their duet of Me Against the Music. Next in the auditorium, she performs vocals during the club's performance of Toxic.

Grilled CheesusEdit

Santana supports Kurt, whose father just suffered a heart attack. At the end sings with New Directions, One of Us.


She is seen lying on a bed with Brittany and nuzzling her neck. When Brittany proposes singing a duet together, Santana harshly rejects the idea by saying that she doesn't love her, and only needed someone to make out with while Puck was in juvie. She then proposes a duet with Mercedes, stating that she believes they are the two best singers in the club and in teaming up, they will be, "the undisputed top bitches at this school." She and Mercedes then sing River Deep, Mountain High. When she learns that Artie and Brittany are dating, Santana tells Artie Abrams she believes Brittany is only using him for his voice and that Brittany doesn't care about sex as much as he does, showing that she's jealous of Artie. When Sam and Quinn are singing their duet, she is disgusted at the sappiness, sarcastically saying to Mercedes, "So freakin' charming!." When she and Mercedes lose to Sam and Quinn, she is visibly upset and tries to attack them and attempts to take the free dinner coupons to Breadstix meant for the winners, but Mercedes grabs her and pulls her back.

The Rocky Horror Glee ShowEdit

She portrays Magenta, alongside Quinn. She also sings her first solo with the song, Science Fiction/Double Feature. Santana seems primarily interested in seeing Finn and Sam walking around in their underwear, and makes loud sexual comments regarding it, making Finn feel self-conscious. She also spies on Mr. Schuester and Emma Pillsbury alongside Brittany when they sing Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me, where she has a solo. She and Brittany make fun of Emma for being a virgin.

Never Been KissedEdit

Santana, along with the other girls in New Directions, participates in the boys vs. girls challenge. She and Brittany go on a double date with Noah Puckerman and Artie Abrams. She sings in the mash-up Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer.

The SubstituteEdit

When Will is sick, he imagines her as a five year old in her Cheerios uniform where she compliments younger Puck. When Rachel Berry tries to have all the focus in glee club on her, Santana attempts to attack her, but is held back by most of New Directions. As a joke, she introduces herself as Rachel Berry to Holly Holiday, Saying she's Finns loud, loud girlfriend. But holly knew they'd swapped names. She sings backup vocals during Singing in the Rain/Umbrella.


Santana becomes furious with Rachel, Quinn, Tina Cohen-Chang, and Brittany because they hold a girls' meeting about the fact that Kurt is being bullied by David Karofsky and she was not invited. Rachel dismisses her by stating that they have boyfriends on the football team who can help defend Kurt, while she is only having sex with Puck, and that Puck cannot help protect Kurt without risking being sent to juvie again. Angered by this, she seems intent on getting back at Rachel, and threatens Finn with the fact that she has taken his virginity. Despite this, she attends the wedding for Carole Hudson-Hummel and Burt Hummel, as part of the wedding band/choir, where she sings backup vocals in Marry You along with the rest of New Directions. She also sings backup vocals in Just the Way You Are along with the members of New Directions. She seems surprised back in the choir room when Kurt says he is leaving for Dalton Academy, she gives Rachel a disgusted look when she says that Kurt will be competing against them.

Special EducationEdit

Rachel protests for not having her solo at 2010 Western Ohio Sectional Championship, resulting in the Santana and Finn hook up being revealed. During the competition, she sings backup vocals in (I've Had) The Time of My Life along with the members of New Directions, followed by her solo in Valerie while Mike and Brittany dance. She also sings backup vocals again in Dog Days Are Over.

A Very Glee ChristmasEdit

At the beginning, New Directions, including Santana, is seen decorating a Christmas tree in the choir room while singing The Most Wonderful Day of the Year. Santana sings back-up vocals in We Need a Little Christmas, only to be scared out along with the rest of the club. She accompanies Quinn, Sam, Tina, Mike, Mercedes, Lauren Zizes, Artie, and Brittany to the mall so they can re-enforce Brittany's belief in Santa Claus. Santana asks Santa for bling. Later in the episode, she is seen ready to cut her hair off - which is revealed to be mostly extensions - for charity. She sings back-up vocals in Welcome Christmas and is present with the club at Mr. Schue's house to decorate his tree.

The Sue Sylvester ShuffleEdit

Santana can be seen practicing the routine with her fellow cheerleaders, and then she eventually talks and sticks up for Brittany when Sue wants to shoot Brittany out of her "Sueclear Weapon." Later, she chooses Cheerios over Glee, but then quits when Finn comes to talk them into staying, particularly Quinn. She's also not to fond of the idea of Sue shooting Brittany out of a cannon. She joins the Glee Club and football team as they perform Thriller/Heads Will Roll, which she helps sing lead vocals on.

Silly Love Songs (Episode)Edit

Santana wears normal clothes since she isn't a cheerleader anymore. Rachel insults her, after the club begins to call her out, saying the only job she'll have "will be working on a pole" along with Lauren calling her a bitch. Santana gets offended and walks out of practice. Brittany comforts her as she vents about trying to be honest, but people suck. When Puck performs Fat Bottomed Girls, she is clearly annoyed that he's singing to Lauren Zizes|Lauren, then she and Lauren have a fight in the hallway because she was talking about Lauren to Puck without knowing that she was behind her. Santana suspects that Quinn and Finn may be having an affair because of the looks they exchange and the "gassy infant look" on Finn's face. She decides to do what she does best, revenge. As revenge and to further prove her point, she gives them mono by kissing a sick boy then kissing Finn at his booth, effectively spreading the germs.


Santana talks to Sam about his relationship with Quinn. She explains that she knows that Finn and Quinn are going behind his back and the only reason that he is still with Quinn is because he's in denial. In order to show that he isn't a pushover, Santana proposes that they start dating because of what Quinn and Finn having been doing. She is also seen wearing Rachel's outfit along with Tina and Quinn.

Blame It on the AlcoholEdit

Santana attends The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza with the rest of the club, proceeding to get drunk with the rest of the members. She is seen making out with Sam a lot in Rachel's basement. Finn describes Santana as the "weepy hysterical drunk," as she is crying and yelling at Sam, accusing him of liking Quinn more. She gets jealous when Sam and Brittany kiss in Spin the Bottle. They all come to school hung-over, and perform Blame It (On the Alcohol), where Santana has a solo. When New Directions performs Tik Tok at the WMHS alcohol awareness assembly, Santana and Brittany throw up in the middle of the performance and in the performance Santana vomits in her hand. After they recover from their hangover, Santana thanks Mr. Schuester for being there for them when they need him.