Chat moderators moderate the chat, so if something is going wrong on the main and/or private chat, contact one of the active Chat Moderators listed below.

If you're on the Update Team and a Chat Moderator you have a good chance of becoming an Admin.

All of our Admins are Chat Mods, feel free to find one of our Chat Mods in chat.

Admin Mods

  1. Brittany Rocks
  2. Soholade
  3. GabyMEL

Regular Chat Mods

  1. Cutegleekylicious
  2. Pannda
  3. DoubleBritts
  4. MelCrissChris
  5. Blaanderson
  6. MrSecondPlace
  7. Frankenteen96
  8. KeepCalmAndThrowACupcake

How to become a chat moderator?

  1. You should be active on chat (come there for a few hours for a few weeks).
  2. You should help to prevent the chat from trolls or violent people.
  3. If you think you have done these things, feel free to apply in the comments below.