Anna-Sophie Relationship
Shipped Characters: Anna and Sophie
Ship Names: Sanna


Dating Between: July-now
Status: Divorced

Best Friends Forever

The Sophie-Anna relationship is the friendship/relationship between Anna and Sophie. Commonly known as Sanna.


Anna met Sophie in chat around spring. She immediatly liked the girl and had the feeling like they would be awesome friends. She decided to PM her and more or less to her surprise Sophie was an adorable girl. They bonded over creepy vans and other weird things they shall not talk about.

Reasons to ship themEdit

1. They are already married so why on earth you wouldn't ship them?!

2. It seems you all are confused who is the pregnant one, ask them, they will answer you truthfully and immediately. 

3. Since from the start, Sophie has been courting Anna by delivering cupcakes anynomously.

4. Anna never cheated on Sophie and neitherd did Sophie. That's because they love each-other the most ;)

5. They are one of BW's main couples. 

6. They are very  very lovely around each-other. 

7. If you don't ship them Anna will have a nice conversation including her baseball bat with you ;) 


9. They bonded over creepy, old candy vans and that's awesome <3